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Origins-Deacons Investor Briefing 25th November, 2010

Information is power. That was the aim of the investor briefing organized by Origins IGA and Deacons Kenya Ltd. at Apollo Centre Westlands yesterday. Origins wanted to give its clients the opportunity to be accurately informed about the Public Offer to enable them make the right decision. Deacons CEO, Muchiri Wahome made a key note presentation about the company’s operations, strategy and its future in the region not limited to Kenya. The level of engagement was high with the attendants using this opportunity to ask questions which were answered by the Deacons team.

The public offer opened on 17th November, 2010 and it will be closing on 30th November, 2010. There are 12.8 million shares on offer to different pools of investors at a price of Kshs.62.50 per share for existing and potential shareholders. The selling agents for this offer are Kestrel Capital (EA) Ltd. and Standard Investment Bank Ltd.  This investor briefing induced a lot of interest from the attendees in the offer after such an informative session.

Origins IGA will continue to organize such sessions for its present and latent clients. Keep on checking our website to know when and where the next investor briefing will be. Do not miss out next time.

The Milele Alliance Ltd. Strategic Workshop 19th and 20th November, 2010

Milele Alliance Ltd. aims at being  financially free by 2019. A strategy was necessary to achieve this purpose and the group had the opportunity to be  taken through two days of rigorous strategic  planning at Parklands Sports Club facilitated by Origins IGA.

Workshop Facilitators from Origins IGA: Tony Wainaina(Chairman,first right),Carol Musyoka (Director,second right second row), Salim Abu (Relationship Manager, first left) and the Milele Alliance Ltd. members are all smiles after the workshop.

What the Participants had to say

Before I was just going through the motions of Milele and not really seeing it as a retirement vehicle.  Now I am very clear on what I want Milele to become, what I need to do and what I am aiming to achieve from it.  I feel really energised and positive.

- Nyawira Ndambuki

I was not sure Milele was my retirement plan, but I am now very clear that IT IS and I need to do my part to make it work.

- Catherine Obwino

The IBRD House Ltd. Strategic Planning Workshop 12th and 13th November,2010

Origins IGA team took IBRD House Ltd. members through intensive and well structured strategic planning sessions at Palacina Hotel Nairobi, to ensure their investment group actualizes its vision  and purpose.

Origins IGA team: Tony Wainaina (Chairman, first left second row), Salim Abu (Relationship Manager, first left first row), Waceke Nduati-Omanga (Director,third right secong row) and IBRD House Ltd. members after the strategic planning workshop.

What the participants had to say

We were flying blind BUT we now have clear direction and alignment.  I am energised.

- Nick Mbuvi

It’s never too late, was sceptical about the future of this Company. I am now ready to put my energies around it being my retirement/replacement income in 2020.

- Mary Sabwa

I was not sure IBRD was going to be the vehicle that delivers replacement income for me but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I know it will deliver.

- Sheila Keino

Mali Rasili Ltd. Strategic Planning Workshop 29th and 30th October, 2010

Mali Rasili Limited members were taken through a two-day detailed strategic planning workshop at the Palacina Hotel, Nairobi.

Origins IGA directors and facilitators: Carol Musyoka(first,left), Waceke Nduati (second,right) and the Mali Rasili Limited members pose for a photo during the workshop.


What the Participants had to say

I feel very encouraged after the workshop.

- Ngari Mahihu

I am now energised, focused and ready to commit.

- Alan Gachukia

The Dec-Tri Investments Ltd. Strategic Planning Workshop 1st and 2nd October, 2010

Dec-Tri Investments Ltd purpose is to use the strength of the collective to enrich the lives of the members, create sustainable wealth and build business networks and investments in Africa by 2020.To actaulise this dream, Dec-Tri Investments Ltd. members were taken through an intensive strategic planning workshop by Origins IGA team at Palacina Hotel, Nairobi.

Origins IGA Director and Workshop Facilitator Carol Musyoka(second right), together with the Dec-Tri Investments Ltd. members during the workshop at Palacina Hotel, Nairobi.


What the participants had to say

Before the workshop, I felt in need of direction and soul searching now I am optimistic, re-energised and very hopeful. 

Brian Makundi 

The event will be a mind shift for the way we do business. 

- Charles Omanga

I was frustrated before the workshop, now I am energised and engaged.

- Michael Ogwapit

Before the workshop I felt a bit confused, but now I feel empowered and rejuvenated

- Timothy Wanjohi

The Mbarets Ltd. Strategic Planning Workshop 13th and 14th August, 2010

Mbarets Ltd. is an investment company that seeks to utilize team synergy through professionally managed resources to deliver group and individual financial freedom by 2025. The Origins IGA team took the members of Mbarets Ltd. through well structured strategic planning sessions at Thayu Gardens in Limuru.

Mbarets Meeting

Origins IGA Director and Workshop Facilitator Waceke Nduati-Omanga (second leftand Mbarets Ltd. members smile as they posed for a photo at during the workshop at Thayu Gardens.

What the participants had to say

There was a knowledge gap and this workshop has reduced it greatly.

- Raphael Wagema

I feel I can trust the members of Mbarets more as we were able to articulate and figure out where we are individually coming from.

- Kendi Nderitu

The group members did not understand where they were headed, now they are more clear on what it takes to get there

- Timothy Ndegwa

The Azize Company Ltd Strategic Planning Workshop 16th and 17th July, 2010

Azize aspires to create financial security by 2025 through a professionally run company embedding commitment and governance. To realize this dream the group had an opportunity to be thoroughly trained by Origins IGA team during the workshop at Hill Park Hotel.

Origins team and Azize Company Ltd. members during the strategic planning workshop

What the participants had to say

I like the process of identifying the Key Value drivers . I felt the key issues in our Investment group were uncovered and the facilitators were excellent.

Clara Kamunyu

The deliberations on value drivers and journey of developing a strategic plan were very useful. The quality of material presented was excellent.

Kezie Kihara

The Consort Ltd Strategic Planning Workshop 2nd and 3rd July, 2010

Consort Ltd. seeks to realize sustainable wealth as a professionally run investment company by 2025. Origins IGA was instrumental in coming up with a Strategic Plan that would enable Consort achieve their goal.

The Origins IGA team - Tony Wainaina (Chairman, first right), Carol Musyoka ( Director,third right), Waceke Nduati-Omanga (Director, middle), Kevin Mutiso (Senior. Relationship Manager,first left) and Consort Ltd. members during the workshop. 


What the participants had to say

I felt that the key issues within our Investment group were adequately covered during the session, it was a Get to Jesus Moment.

Patrick Makau 

The Strategic Planning workshop was very insightful and I felt my personal input was sought and valued.

- Charles Weru

An Origins IGA 'Formation and Structuring for Investment Groups' Workshop 23rd March, 2010

Origins IGA Director and workshop facilitator Carol Musyoka leading a presentation during the workshop.

An Origins IGA 'Formation and Structuring for Investment Groups'Workshop 6th March, 2010

Origins IGA was pleased to have its first workshop in its knowledge series titled “Structuring Investment Groups” on Saturday March 6th 2010. The Workshop was kindly sponsored by Bank of Africa with 25 participants that were fully engaged in a highly charged and interactive session.

Participants were taken through several key group challenges including group incorporation options, shareholder agreements, joint ventures with other groups, management of investment group administrative matters, governance structures among many other topics.


What the participants had to say

The workshop opened my eyes to optimally structuring our group to make it more nimble.

- Richard Ayah

I learnt a lot about investment groups. Like how incorporating our group would lock in our contributions as capital and more importantly lock in our personal commitment to the group’s ideals.

- Joseph Okumu

The well structured presentation and the back and forth with the facilitator and members of other groups was priceless.

- Kimenyi Waruhiu

The Unathi Investment Ltd Strategic Planning Workshop 5th and 6th February, 2010

Unathi aims to build a holistic long term savings and investment vehicle that creates and distributes wealth for the individual and the group.
To this end, the members of Unathi were very appreciative of the strategic planning workshop. The ability to discuss contentious issues in a professional setting and the thorough assessment of the health status of the group were among the salient aspects of the exercise.
Members of Unathi are all smiles after the strategic planning workshop facilitated by Origins IGA team.

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