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What does Origins IGA do?

Origins Investment Group Advisors (Origins IGA) was established to serve investment groups and clubs in East Africa. There are several hundred thousand investment groups in the region - from traditional merry go rounds where members contribute cash to one member every month, to more formalized groups that have strong corporate governance structures and a diversified investment portfolio. Origins IGA has developed a number of products and services tailored for investment groups, that are designed to transform the energy of investment groups into financial security for its individual members.

How does Origins IGA add value to your group?

At Origins IGA, we believe that the vision and needs of every group are unique, and if addressed diligently and consistently, may allow your group to achieve much more. You will have the advantage of addressing basic structural improvements such as more efficient and progressive management, better governance, strategic planning, and quality administration and support services. Origins IGA will provide your investment group with customized management and advisory services, enabling you to realize your full potential.

How will the Origins IGA Relationship Manager add value to our group?

Our services are aimed at giving investment groups the comfort that their investments are being managed professionally and securely while positioning the group. You and your investment group members are engaged in full time jobs. The management time you are able to give to to your investment group is limited and expensive. To take your mind off the rigours of daily administration and management of group activities, we will provide you with a dedicated Relationship Manager, who will oversee the day-to-day management functions of the group. They will be in charge of facilitating and executing the purchase of assets on your group's behalf as well as analyzing and reporting on the feasibility of potential investments whilst ensuring they are in alignment with the agreed long-term vision of your group. The Relationship Manager will also provide regular reports that give you a complete snapshot of your investments including valuations, profit and loss positions as well as income generated to date and he will keep track and handle reconciliations of individual members' contributions as well as the group's contributions.

What is the Investment Group Starter Toolkit?

The introductory toolkit is designed to give start-up investment groups one-off professional advice without the commitment of a long-term engagement. Its objective is to provide basic advice on how to start and run your group, and how to develop it into a committed, well managed entity that remains firmly on the path towards achieving its objectives.

What are PSUs'?

Portfolio Statement Updates (PSU's) are statements that are sent to investment group members on a monthly basis to give them a complete snapshot of the group's investments, including valuations, profit and loss positions, income generated to date, etc. These updates give the current asset and market values of all investments of the group, their cost, and the current net asset value per share. Members are therefore able to keep track of the current share values of their investments in the group.

Capital call, monthly contribution or both?

Investment groups have different ways of raising capital. It all depends on the agreement between members regarding which mode of raising capital is preferred, and the nature of their investments. Some investment groups opt for the monthly contributions method of accumulating capital, while others prefer to make capital calls on members when the need arises. Some investment groups may choose to use both monthly contributions and capital calls to raise investment capital.


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