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Strategic Planning
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Origins IGA has a team of experienced, independent facilitators who will guide the strategic planning process and compile a user-friendly and dynamic report for your Investment Group.


The purpose of our strategic planning process is to develop consensus among all the members about the purpose of your investment group, its objectives and targets, typically once every three years.


The approach of Origins IGA facilitators will be to create lively, honest debate among the members of the investment group, on all issues (including sensitive issues) relevant to establishing a strong foundation for a successful investment group.


Following are some of the key outcomes expected from the strategic planning process



  1. Purpose (mission) of the investment group
  2. Basic values and principles
  3. Structural and governance issues
  4. Defined Asset Class/Sector and geographical preferences
  5. Primary Investment Period (PIP)
  6. Distribution Period (DP) and Distribution Policy
  7. Investment exit plans

At the end of the strategic planning process, your investment group will have developed clear guidelines about which asset classes (shares, bonds, property, private equity, etc.) to invest in and what proportion of its total investment funds to allocate to each asset class, the geographical spread of its investments, and when and how to exit from investments.


To ensure the successful implementation of the strategic plan, your board and committee members will be tasked to achieve strategic plan deliverables and an agenda item must be dedicated to discussing progress at each board meeting. Alternatively, and preferably, the investment group's full time or outsourced management and administrative resource must be required to ensure that strategic plan deliverables are achieved and constantly monitored.

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