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A step-by-step approach to creating a strong,
progressive investment group.
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The step-by-step approach of this toolkit is designed to help you and your friends or colleagues establish an investment group with a strong, well-structured foundation that will help you effectively invest your savings month after month, year after year.

The first phase of the Toolkit deals with the formation and establishment of the investment group. The second phase of the toolkit deals with the strategic planning for the investment group that will get all members to agree on the purpose of the group, its objectives and targets over a three-year period.

The Toolkit covers the following areas:


a. Finding members for your Investment Group
The Toolkit provides guidance on what attributes to look for in prospective members, such as like-mindedness and value-added skills.

b. The First Investment Group Meeting
The Toolkit walks you through your first investment group meeting, where prospective members will meet to discuss and agree on...

  • Common purpose of investing savings for the long term
  • Organization and governance
  • Commitment
  • Investment strategy
  • Member contributions
  • Meeting times
  • Meeting place
  • Investment group name

c. The Second Investment Group Meeting
The Toolkit will also walk you through your second investment group meeting, where the members that are more certainly likely to join, will meet to discuss and agree on...

  • Appointment of office bearers - chairman, secretary, treasurer, etc.
  • Terms of Reference of the officer bearers

d. Registration and other Statutory and Administrative Matters
The Toolkit will inform you on all the statutory and administrative matters required to ensure the sound formation of your investment group. This will include, among other things,

  • Incorporation
  • Legal/business structure
  • PIN certificate
  • Accounting

e. Professional Service Providers
The Toolkit will provide your group with the necessary guidance to ensure that it engages the most effective, reasonably priced, professional service providers that will be critical to creating a sound, well structured and professionally managed investment group.

  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Company secretary
  • Legal counsel
  • Securities custodian

Phase 2   

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